Wellness Wednesday: Tutorial for Oil Pulling

Wellness Wednesday: Tutorial for Oil Pulling

So, what is oil pulling?

Oil pulling stems from Aryuveda, a system of natural medicine that originates in India. Resembling mouth wash, oil pulling is when you swish an edible oil in your mouth for a period of time before spitting it out. It is known to improve oral and overall health by pulling out toxins from your body and removing harmful bacteria. Further, oil pulling can whiten teeth, strengthen gums, and remove plaque for better breath.

How do I do it?

  • In the morning on an empty stomach, get a tablespoon of ILERA Apothecary’s unrefined, organic Coconut Oil
  • Gently swish it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes
    • The oil should double in size as it pulls oil-soluble toxins out from your body 
  • Spit out the oil in the trash and not in the sink to prevent potential clogging

Make sure you use organic and unrefined oil to do this; we recommend using our Coconut Oil because of its anti-bacterial and nourishing properties.

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