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    Prefect cleaner? check. Toner? check. Let’s not forget the moisturizer. check check. Great, you’ve managed to get your skincare routine together and have even developed a new habit of using skin masks and face serums. Now, why in the world is your skin not looking the way you want it to? We’ve put together a list of skincare mistakes we often don’t think about but, have the most impact on the way it looks. 


    #1: You Don’t Drink Enough Water
    While our bodies are 64% water, our skin produces oil to help as a natural moisturizer but, some of our skin produces a lot more oil than others. Having a stable balance of water to oil on the surface on the skin is imperative for ultimate hydration. Water helps fend off breakouts by decreasing the concentration of oil on your skin When the skin is hydrated, it produces a plumping effect to your skin, leaving no room for open pores, and making it harder for irritations and blemishes caused by external particles to be let in. 


     #2: Your Cellphone

    How many times do you use your phone a day? It’s literally one device that we often fail to properly cleanse even after we’ve been in some of the most unclean areas. When you’re constantly dropping your cellphone on unfamiliar surfaces and picking it up again to answer a call, you’re also welcoming bacteria and germs onto your skin. Disinfecting your phone daily will keep you from clogging your pores. 


     #3: Your Obsession With Popping Pimples

    We’re guilty. Popping pimples used to be our specialty and quite frankly, how satisfying is it to know that the dreadful bump on your face is now gone? So you thought. Removing a blackhead or whitehead introduces new bacteria, which is what you should avoid introducing to your skin. Instead of resorting to standing in the mirror examining your pimple, apply a clarifying treatment, like our Clarifying Face Mask after cleansing and then head to sleep. Your pimple will be gone in the morning. 


     #4: Your Diet

    The age old saying “you are what you eat” is something to hold close to your heart. When you welcome greasy foods into your system, you’re also welcoming an increased about of acne and pimples onto your face. By switching out those foods for ones high in antioxidants like leafy greens, strawberries, and pinto beans, you’re in turn teaching your skin to remain smooth and bright. 



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  • ILERA Apothecary at Detroit Creator Awards

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    Two weeks ago, ILERA Apothecary was invited to pitch as finalists at the WeWork Creator Awards in Detroit. While we did not end up winning what we thought we went there for, we ended up with something even greater! A stronger network, an invitation to the WeWork community and a deeper understanding of why we’re actually in business.

    As new business owners, one of the primary things that my sister and I promised ourselves was that no matter what happens, how long it takes us to grow or what our customer base looks like, we will continue to stay true to ourselves and our mission to educate our communities on the importance of natural skincare.

    Whenever I speak  about ILERA Apothecary, I speak about my family. As we embarked on this journey to start ILERA, we made it clear that we would maintain the familial aspect of our business. To be honest, if it weren’t for our youngest brother seeking a change in the products that he used, I’m not sure if we’d even be here.

    Our line of products were created with our family in mind. Not just the ones that we speak to everyday but the ones who believe in the same things we do, living conscious lifestyles. Before it was just my sister and I living on opposite coasts, now we’re both located in Detroit with a newly created team of 7, soon to be working in the Detroit WeWork office. 

    As we continue to create conscious content and products, we’re excited to know that we have you all riding along this wave with us!



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    Détroit Is The New Black, an exciting retail concept is our latest stockist! Visit their location at: 

    1426 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

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  • Is Avocado Oil Your New Staple Skincare Item?

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    Take a look at your Instagram feed and you’ll find a glorious amount of avocado toast flat-lays beautifully constructed on your timeline. While I have always been aware of avocado’s because of their presence in guacamole, I never thought of it as an oil that can be used for my hair and skin. 
    While essential oils can be used by anyone, those with dry skin types benefit from them the most because they work as hydrating agents but, avocado oil has even greater benefits. Because it contains a high amount of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, protecting the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, avocado oil does a lot of good for the skin. Being a more deeply penetrating oil, it gets deep into epidermis layers and fixes moisture in the skin. This action helps with plumping fine lines and softening rough skin. 
    Now that summer is out in full force, using products with SPF are imperative to decrease sunburn. Avocado oil has a low level of UV protection (SPF 6-8), with a high vitamin and sterolin content. In case you didn’t know, sterolins are compounds that are anti-inflammatory and in the case of avocado oil, they can help heal sun damage and age spots.
    Four main things to take away from what we just told you is that avocado oil is high in vitamins, works as a low level sunscreen, contributes to the hydration of your skin and it reduces fine lines. 
    We just added a lightweight face oil in the shop that has avocado oil as its main ingredient. Your new solution to maintaining hydrated skin.  

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