Global Giving


With sustainability at our forefront, we strive to support our global community. We are partnered with the Global Shea Alliance that works to improve the livelihoods of rural African women who process shea through preserving land, instating fair labor practices, and eliminating trade barriers. We put immense consideration into each step of the process when creating our products to pay homage to those who cultivate and the land that harvests our ingredients. Watch the video above to learn more about the "Faces of Shea."



Humans. There are more than 7 billion of us alive and yet, no two of us are exactly alike. As human beings, we yearn for a sense of belonging, one that connects us to one another, a community. In the Igbo language we call that ‘obodo’. Obodo to us at ILERA Apothecary are the people we reach everyday. From our social media posts, to our ecommerce platform, and everything in between, we find comfort in knowing that this is where one finds balance.