In the Press

"A luxury body and skincare company that uses plant-based ingredients."

August 2022

"24 Top e-Commerce Startups in Detroit."

April 2022

"A Detroit Homegrown Brand of Sustainable Beauty Products."

March 2022

"ILERA Apothecary's products are a must-have."

February 2022

"ILERA Apothecary prides itself on its sustainable practices."

February 2022

"Can't go to sleep without using the Revitalizing Night Oil."

December 2021

"Perfect at-home skin hydrating and moisturizing experience."

November 2021

"Nourishing skincare products to revitalize your skin."

November 2021

"Best body moisturizers for seriously soft skin."

September 2021

"Get great skin with this mix of avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E."

February 2021

"ILERA Apothecary makes sure to use sustainable, natural ingredients."

December 2021

"ILERA Apothecary's Rose Toner is infused with real rose petals."

November 2020

"ILERA Apothecary believes in the power of love."

November 2020

"Newest option for a more sustainable way of life."

October 2020

"ILERA Apothecary is dedicated to creating holistic products."

October 2020

"Feels as if impurities are being lifted out of your face."

October 2020

"ILERA Apothecary connects with its customers."

August 2020

"ILERA Apothecary products are made with love."

August 2020

"Helping people has always been at the heart of the business."

August 2020

"Lots of loyal customers and fans."

August 2020

"The all-natural skincare brand donates to the Black Lives Matter movement."

June 2020

"ILERA Apothecary takes a stand against racial injustice."

June 2020

"Keep your mitts clean with these luxurious options."

May 2020

"This black-owned business is helping COVID-19 relief efforts."

April 2020

"An affordable purifying hand spray that’s been flying off the virtual shelves."

April 2020

"Cruelty-free and uses only natural, sustainably sourced ingredients."

March 2020

"If you're a fan of shea butter products, we highly suggest ILERA Apothecary."

February 2020

"ILERA Apothecary's products replenish the skin, soften fine lines and reduce aging."

December 2019

"An organic & vegan beauty tech company offering high quality skin care products."

October 2019

"Young entrepreneurs of color putting their footprint on the Motor City."

October 2019

"Uncover this hidden gem, ILERA Apothecary."

October 2019

"ILERA Apothecary's products revitalize your skin while amplifying the African voice in the beauty industry."

June 2019

"Non-toxic products that are directly inspired by the vibrant culture and traditions of their parents’ hometown in Nigeria."

May 2019

"A premium organic & vegan skincare brand."

April 2019

"There is happiness and awareness going on among women of African descent."

April 2019

"An incredible story of starting their natural skincare brand by concocting recipes in their kitchen."

March 2019

"ILERA Apothecary helps customers reset, revive and rejuvenate their skin."

December 2018

"Inspirational beauty start-up, ILERA Apothecary."

October 2018

"Make your skin glow up with ILERA Apothecary."

August 2018

"ILERA Apothecary boasts natural skin care products and sustainability."

June 2018

"Organic body washes and body butters made in Detroit at The Farmer’s Hand."

December 2016

"Bringing transparency to the personal care industry."

April 2016

"A product line using 100% naturally sourced ingredients with a luxury twist."

April 2016

"ILERA Apothecary offers holistic goods to consumers."

September 2015