About Us

 Founded in 2015 for people with dry skin due to aging, eczema and the environment who want to feel confident in their skin, ILERA Apothecary s the key to smooth healthy skin, elimination of scars and prevention of stretch marks using naturally derived, sustainable and effective ingredients.  

The education behind the development of our products is designed to be used as a complementary system. For example, if a customer has eczema we’d recommend they use one of our Hydrating Body Washes to cleanse and hydrate their skin, followed by our Moisturizing Body Butters to seal in the moisture preventing cracked dry skin, and the Revitalizing Night Oil to prevent facial wrinkles caused from free radicals created by environmental exposures. 

In addition to the skin healing benefits, ILERA Apothecary excels in social good through unique partnerships that create jobs and economic development in 3 countries and growing. 

ILERA Apothecary is created to for people who want the highest quality ingredients for their skin without compromising the environment or their budget. Utilizing digital technology, we have created a highly interactive customer experience that includes virtual wellness events, informative blog posts, and curated pop-up shops.

We are committed to making an impact on our customers, employees and local communities. This includes the people who handpick and produce our raw materials, our employees who manufacture products, and our customers who have found the solution to reviving their skin with ILERA Apothecary.

This is what continues to differentiate our African Beauty brand within the clean beauty industry. 

We want our customers to feel confident in their skin knowing they are using the best ingredient for their skin and the environment.