Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorships promote organizations and companies in the continuation of socially impactful missions. Successful sponsorships will benefit both the organization/company (you) and the sponsor (us). These sponsorships are to be recognized as neither a grant nor donation, but rather a business relationship in which both parties should benefit.

ILERA Apothecary is happy to partner with organizations that align with our mission, values and brand.

Organizations that have a Federal Tax Exempt Certificate, 501(c) (3) are eligible for product and monetary sponsorships at no cost.

Organizations without this designation are eligible to receive product sponsorship via wholesale terms and pricing only.

Sponsorship requests are reviewed on a bi-weekly basis. Allow up to 20 days for our review process. If there is a need for additional information, ILERA Apothecary will contact the organization/company directly.

Sponsorship Request Form