Thank you for 5 Years ✨

Thank you for 5 Years ✨

It’s 11:28pm EST August 11th and I have to meet my deadline to write this letter so that it can go out in the 6am  newsletter for  August 12th 🙃.  This month, we are celebrating 5 years in business.


Honestly, I’ve been putting off writing this letter for some time. I’ m sitting here reflecting on every single person who contributed to our growth. From our first customer Chidera to one of our most consistent customers Richard. How can I thank you all? You gave us a chance.


I remember a customer from our 2018 Quicken Loans Holiday store. His name is Tom. He tried the Oral Rinse and ordered it on the spot. To this day I think about it and smile. Every time I see his order come in I remember that cold December day when Tom  took a chance on us. 


Our first wholesale account happened September 2015 at Dally in the Alley, a neighborhood music festival that happens every year (except 2020 due to COVID-19) since 1982. I remember the moment, I was so happy I was in shock. Mikal of Healthwise Enterprise in Warren, MI took a chance on us.


Our first international order happened at the Nike Art Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria the summer of 2018. This gallery is ranked as one of the most prestigious African Art Gallery’s in the world. They’d recently opened a new concept hotel. The curious person that I am asked for a tour. The owner, Nike and I connected and she invited me over for breakfast the next day. Over breakfast, Nike looked at me and said she wanted the guest in her hotels to to use ILERA Apothecary when they visit. Nike took a chance on us.


Since 2015, thousands of you have taken a chance on us. You attend our workshops, invite us to your events, vote  for us in the Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest and most recently, our story in top publications such as ESSENCE, in an effort to elevate businesses owned by Black people.


Seriously, what words do I use to thank you? I am overwhelmed with gratitude.


Over the next week we will be going down memory lane to see how much ILERA Apothecary has grown so stay tuned to see if you make an appearance!  Thank you so much for 5 year ❤️


Love you all,




ILERA Apothecary in Macy's, Obodo, Chinonye Akunne CEO and Founder of ILERA Apothecary
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