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What You Need to Know About Switching to Natural Deodorant


“All those times you clogged your pores and now you’re ready to take control of your life.”


Switching to a natural deodorant is a must if you’re considering going natural with your skincare routine. Does the thought of using a natural deodorant scare you? Do the horror stories of your friends deter you from giving it a try? or worse, does your own past experience with using a natural deodorant haunt you to this day? If an of those scenarios are familiar to you, you are not alone.

My journey to making the full shift to a natural deodorant has come with many trials and errors, googling remedies and even smelling like BO during a networking event (or two).                  

I never want anyone to go through the same transition woes as me so I’ve put together a quick resource for you. The goal is that your transition to natural deodorant will be better than the experience I had.

Before we dive into the solution to odor-free pits, here is a little backstory on the culprit, Aluminum Salts.

Aluminum Salts

Aluminum Salts are commonly found in polluted waters near coal mining waste dumps, petroleum distillation, power plants and metal forging facilities. These alum salts or environmental waste is then used in industries such as water purification, gardening and textiles.

In water purification, the salts are used as an agent to bind large particles so it can easily be filtered removed from drinking water.

When used in gardening, aluminum salts decrease the pH level in the soil. In Hydrangea plants it turns pink plants blue, a color not found naturally in the plants.

In textiles and printmaking, alum salt is used as a binding agent between fabric and dye, making the dye insoluble.; This bind is what prevents the colors in your clothes from fading in the wash.

Based on its industry origin, and uses,  it is clear that Aluminum Salts are not something you want to be applying to your skin.

[Side Note: In a future post we’ll have to dive into the negative effects antiperspirants has on the environment, personally I had no clue it comes from environmental waste until I visited the library to research.]


How does the aluminum found in antiperspirant affect you?

The aluminum found in antiperspirant is what causes those canary­  yellow stains frequently found on your new white shirts. The chemical reaction produced by the bacteria most commonly found in your underarms mixes with the rust forming aluminum. That same aluminum that caused your shirt to turn yellow has been theorized (not scientifically proven) many times that it is a link to cancer and Alzheimer’s. Also, aluminum clogs the pores in your armpits/ sweat glands. That is how it is able to stop you from perspiring.

Now think about this, since you were in elementary/ primary school, you have been applying that “Odor-blocking” stick every single day. If you are 30, that is over 10,650 times! Not counting the days you actually worked out and used a double dose. All those times you clogged your pores and now you’re ready to take control of your life by using natural deodorant; That is okay, welcome to the club, just know that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Tips on having an odor-free transition

Stop using your current antiperspirant

Go sans antiperspirant for a week. Realize your body is undergoing a detox. You’ve been putting poison under your arms for decades, your body will have to adjust to the transition, be patient with the process and know you will smell.

Clean up under your arms

Exfoliate your armpits either using a dry brush or a natural gentle sugar scrub weekly. Clean your underarms daily or more with soap and water, as needed.

Detox those pits with 3 ingredients 

For 2 years I have been using a  great recipe to do an armpit detox.  It’s great because it works and its only 3 ingredients. 

 1 tablespoon Bentonite Clay,
1 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar and
1-2 drops of Water are all you need.

Using a wood, or ceramic bowl and spoon (never metal) mix bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar until smooth paste forms, if the paste is too thick, add water drops.

Apply the paste to your armpits and lets it works its magic for no more than 20 minutes. Its best to start with a shorter time and increase as you become more comfortable, however, never exceed 20 minutes because it does burn a bit (I learned that the hard way).

Overall, understand that the process of toxic free armpits requires patience, clean armpits, and a good deodorant. Happy to say the ILERA Apothecary deodorant is continuously being enhanced and has plant-based ingredients to keep you dry and odor free. It does not contain aluminum or alcohol. Remember, we want you to feel good knowing you are using high-quality ingredients while doing your part to save the world so recycle the packaging when you are done.
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