Skin Soothing Body Butter

Skin Soothing Body Butter

Spring is here and with it comes floral scents, healing plants, and glowing skin! As the temperature gets warmer, we swap out our coats and leggings for sundresses and shorts. With fewer layers and more bare skin showing, we want to feel confident with the way our skin looks. I definitely don’t want dry, flaky elbows out for everyone to see when wearing my new favorite tank top! So how can we help this? Body Butter.

Bloom Body Butter

First, what is the difference between lotion and body butter?

Lotion is typically a fast-absorbing, lightweight consistency made from a water base. While body butter is a creamy, slower absorbing product made from an oil base. A little goes a long way with body butter, which means it tends to last longer too! 

So why would we choose body butter over lotion?

Because of its oil base, Body Butter melts deep into the skin, nourishing and relieving dry patches, irritation, and inflammation as it goes. People with skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or those who are prone to severe dry patches can seriously benefit from using body butters. Depending on the formulation, body butters can be made with a variety of different skin healing oils, so there’s truly a blend for everyone!

What other benefits does body butter have?

There is an endless list to what body butter can do for your skin, but here’s a few of our favorite benefits: 

  • A small amount can be used in your hair to rehydrate and revitalize
  • Soothing hand cream for dry, irritated knuckles or palms
  • Works as a cuticle saver 
  • Because of its fatty acid and nutrient-dense properties, it works wonders for reducing stretch marks and scars
  • Soothes and smooths dry, cracked heels and feet 

Spring has sprung, so we tend to gravitate towards our ILERA Apothecary Bloom Body Butter. This fluffy, whipped butter smells like a walk through the garden on a warm and rainy spring day. We make our butters with healing plants like Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose to not only give a fresh, floral scent but also because these plants have healing properties too! The Shea Butter goes to work on hydrating and nourishing your body, while the Vitamin E works to naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

With a product like this in your arsenal, your skin will have a healthy glow all spring long! Shop our store to pick up your Bloom Body Butter, or try out any of our other 3 enchanting scents that best fit your style and mood.

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