Self Care With The Clarifying Face Mask

Self Care With The Clarifying Face Mask

Face masks are the epitome of self-care! Yes a hot bath, a book and a glass of wine are always the go-to trio. Always has been and always will be, but it’s something about a face mask that is a physical breath of fresh air. Yes most self care provides an internal reset, but a face mask gives you a physical one. There are many different masks out there all providing different results, but today we’re going to discuss the benefits of a charcoal mask.

Charcoal is a natural detox. Charcoal can whiten your teeth. Charcoal as a beverage aids in digestion. Imagine being able to detox your skin, reduce the extra oils, minimize acne and unclog your pores with one ingredient. Yeah thats how we feel too! Charcoal in your Christmas stocking doesn’t sound too bad anymore huh?

That’s why we created the The Clarifying Face Mask. It’s powder based so it’s easy to manage how much you use. Infused with active charcoal, bentonite clay and dried roses this triple threat mask can tackle any need. We pride ourselves in using top ingredients for ultimate results. Dried roses for anti-aging. As you know rose provides additional hydration aka the more hydrated your skin the less you may wrinkle. Bentonite clay helps detoxify your skin and can clean out your pores. Charcoal, well we already went through the many benefits of that. Turmeric helps to lighten dark spots left by acne and can soften your skin over time. Arrowroot powder promotes healing for your skin and can absorb additional oil. Amongst other great ingredients this should really sway you to add a charcoal mask in your skin care or self care routine. 

 So whenever your skin needs a little more attention or you just want a little more me time, put on your Clarifying Face Mask, pour a glass of wine and turn on some music and just relax. Let the mask work its magic! 

See you next time.

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