Prevent Back to School Breakouts!

Prevent Back to School Breakouts!

The start of each school year is an exciting time filled with new opportunities and challenges. This includes busy schedules packed with classes, meetings, extracurriculars and more. Of course these things are all great, but they can also add a lot of stress to our lives. To students, teachers and parents: don’t let this extra stress stop you from prioritizing yourself-- especially your skin! Feeling confident in your skin will help you conquer all those stressors with ease. Keep reading to learn the best ways to achieve your dream skin during this busy time.

  • Create a routine that works for you
  • Everyone has a different schedule. Some might enjoy doing their skincare routine right before bed, as soon as they come home, or after the gym. Whatever it is you prefer, choose that and stick to it. If you know that you’ll be too tired by the end of the night to complete your routine, do it a couple hours before bed! Instead of making excuses for not doing it, adjust your schedule so that it becomes less of a hassle and more of a normal part of your daily routine. 

  • Stay consistent-- that means morning and night!
  • Having a routine is super important, but actually sticking to it will give you the best results. This means applying products in the morning and night. As you sleep, oil and bacteria may build up on your skin, so it is important to wash your face after you wake up. If you neglect to do so, your pores may become clogged and suffocated, causing breakouts. However, it is important to remember that you do not need to use the same products in the morning that you do at night. It is better to use your heavier creams and serums at night so that your skin can absorb that moisture as you sleep, while in the morning you should use a lighter moisturizer and sunscreen (super important!). 

  • Don’t let one day set off your whole routine
  • Keeping up with a skincare routine can definitely be hard, and it doesn't need to be perfect. Skipping a couple of days here and there is completely fine-- but be careful not to let this become a habit. Just because you missed a day doesn’t mean you should give up or allow yourself to break that cycle. Even if you have super limited time, you can always shorten your routine for the day. As long as you are cleaning your skin in some way it’s better than doing nothing. And remember, seeing results may take time, so be patient and don’t give up when it takes longer than expected for your skin to clear up!

  • Try new things
  • A huge part of skincare is knowing what products work for you. There’s so many different skin types from oily, to dry, and even combination skin. Knowing what will provide you with the best results is a big part in achieving your skin goals. This might force you to do a little trial and error, but it’ll be worth it once you find the products that truly work.

  • Products we recommend
  • Now, if you’re still on the search for products that will work for you, look no further. Our skincare collection is perfect for combating back to school breakouts. Listed down below are some of our favorites, but you can view the entire collection on the skincare section of our website!

    For starters, our Balancing Rose Toner is the perfect addition to your routine. A toner provides so many benefits, like removing any dirt or bacteria that your cleanser was not able to reach. Our Rose Toner can also balance pH levels, reduce inflammation, and control acne. Not only that, but this rose petal infused mist is refreshing and soothing, allowing for the softest and smoothest skin. 

     Next up is our Clarifying Face Mask, which is just what you need to relax after a long day. This mask is extremely therapeutic, and contains healing properties that absorb and detoxify the skin, complete with dried roses for anti-aging. The activated charcoal and bentonite clay are also working together to draw positively charged impurities to the surface of the skin to be eliminated after rinsing. 

    Lastly, we highly recommend trying our Revitalizing Night Oil for an extra layer of hydration. This lightweight blend of oils provides many benefits and will leave your skin glowing each morning. The avocado oil will diminish pore sizes and remove impurities while also evening the skin tone. The other oils such as apricot kernel, grapeseed and jojoba provide restoring and nourishing properties that will only make you wish you had discovered this product sooner!

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