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Inspiring Young Minds

Recently, I had the opportunity of being the keynote speaker of a career day for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit. During this event, I spoke about being a Beauty Scientist and an Entrepreneur.

During the presentation, I began with the standard ‘how I got here’ by explaining my educational background in the sciences, internships I held while in grad school, how decided to accept a job in automotive while turning down offers for medical school, volunteering in the community and starting my businesses ILERA Apothecary and Motor City STEAM.

During these stages and transitions in life, I have remained true to my core values, listening to my intuition (which has never failed me). It is important to remain present and accepting of situations in life because those are our biggest learning moments.

Here are some key takeaways I have learned in life:  

If you can dream it, you can do it: Always have a vision and an end goal. Envision the life you want to live, impact you want to make and go for it.

Discover: Be curious, ask questions and observe your surroundings.

Never stop learning: Having a degree or a job should not be the end of your learning experience. Learn a new hobby. It doesn't have to be in what your field is. It can be something as simple as learning how to brew the perfect tea.

Become an Expert: Whatever you do, do it well. Learn more than what is required.

Be Happy: In anything you do, enjoy it to the fullest. Listen to your body, it never lies to you.

BBBS of Detroit

Before the day ended, the students and their mentors used their innate skills to make their own eco-friendly bug spray that is perfect to use for spring and summer months. Check out the recipe below!

Bug Spray Recipe





 The event was in partnership with ILERA Apothecary, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit and Comcast/ NBCUniversal.

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