ILERA x Jasper House: The Partnership Edit

ILERA x Jasper House: The Partnership Edit

Throughout the life of our business at ILERA Apothecary, we have had a focus on sustainability and social impact. As a fully-female led, owned and operated business, we are determined to pave the way for women around the world. 

Our COO, Kristina, has been working and volunteering in Haiti over the past seven years. In 2019, she brought us the campaign based in Jacmel, Haiti - a city she has lived in and fallen in love with. We were able to explore the often unseen beauty of the incredible island of Haiti, and get a taste of adventure from the beautiful Hotel Florita, to the coastline of the Caribbean Sea. 

Since 2016, Kristina has been a part of a local nonprofit organization called Jasper House Haiti. Jasper House exists to turn oppression, tragedy and misfortune into opportunities for empowerment and renewal for young women in Haiti. Founded in 2015, the same year as ILERA Apothecary, this organization has created waves in the local community through their free education programs, vocational training and resources such as health care, holistic therapy and wellness practices. 

In 2020, we decided to partner with Jasper House, fully believing in their mission to see life change in the lives of women throughout the country. From one place in the world to another, we are committed to supporting women, empowering women and giving back to organizations that are doing the same. We were able to donate each month (starting in April) to Jasper House with 5% of our proceeds, and launched a campaign for the holidays featuring all-natural scents native to Haiti. This Holiday Collection included a roller ball, sugar scrub, soy candle and bar soap. 


We have been honored to partner alongside Jasper House Haiti this year, and we hope to continue partnerships such as this in the years to come. We have been so blessed through our business, our long-time supporters, friends and family - that we too, want to be able to give back all that has been given to us. 

Through your purchases, you are supporting a female-owned business, a nonprofit organization through partnership, and empowering women to continue to live lives of meaning and purpose. 


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