From Product to Planter - How to Repurpose Your Skincare Containers

From Product to Planter - How to Repurpose Your Skincare Containers

As an eco-conscious brand, our goal is to not only create environmentally friendly products but also minimize waste! Within the cosmetic industry, an estimated 84 million units of plastic packaging ends up in landfills. Although we try our best to minimize the use of plastic in ILERA’s packaging, waste is still a major problem that we are actively working to improve! Repurposing our containers is a great way to minimize waste and save money. 

For example, instead of buying new planters for our seeds and plant cuttings, we like to recycle and reuse our containers! Let us show you how truly easy it is to reduce, reuse and recycle with cosmetic packaging.

First, you want to wash and rinse the container you’re planning on using. For this project, we’re using our Clarifying Mask container as it’s the perfect size to plant our Pothos propagation! 

Next, take your propagated plant and prepare them for potting! We like to inspect the roots to make sure they are long and healthy. These cuttings have been sitting in water for just over a month and have grown gorgeous roots that are ready to be planted. 

Now for the soil. Start by placing soil in your container about ⅓ of the way. This will be a great base level for your plant to sit on while you fill in the surrounding gaps with soil to help stabilize your plant in place! Be sure to gently pack down the soil to prevent your plant from swimming around when watered. 

Then, water your plant in its new home and watch the water sink down to the roots. Make sure the soil is damp but not soaked. This will keep your plant hydrated while preventing root rot. 

Lastly, place your baby plant in its new home and watch it grow! The container won’t be its forever pot, but it’ll definitely help your plant thrive before being transferred to a larger container with proper drainage.

And just like that, recycling and repurposing containers have never been easier! Follow us on our various social media accounts to get more inspiration on being environmentally conscious.

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