Experience Israel

Experience Israel

In the recent years of building ILERA Apothecary, Chinonye and I have been exposed to many opportunities to attend conferences and fellowship programs to build our brand. As a result of this, the opportunity came up for me to attend the Forbes Global Women's Summit in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel with an intimate group of thought leaders from around the world. We collaborated on some of the most exciting Jerusalem-based startup case studies, explored Old City, Jerusalem's most sacred sites, and partied in the Tower of David. From talks about the future of technology and sustainability, to the invaluable insight provided by global leaders, our diverse cultures, combined with our eagerness to make a larger impact on the communities we serve resulted in lifelong friendships. 

Israel, you were amazing. 

I visited Old Jaffa during the day and took a walking tour to learn more about its history. Turns out, Old Jaffa was there long before Israel officially became a country. Now, this area of Tel Aviv is the perfect blend of art galleries and open-air eateries.

 About 45min outside of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea was by far one of my favorite sites to visit. At 1,388 feet below sea level, it beats out virtually every other place on Earth to claim the title of the lowest place on the planet. It's also one of the saltiest places on earth and in addition is home to the infamous mud mask.     According to some environmental reports, this site may not be here for too much longer, due to it shrinking at a rate of 3.3 feet a year.     I strongly recommend visiting this treasure soon.

The city, one of the oldest continually inhabited metropolises in the world, holds some of the best stories. Divided into four quarters for Christian, Jewish, Muslim & Armenian religions,  each quarter couldn't be any different from the other.     While there, I went on a guided tour through the Christian & Armenian quarters and learned a ton!     All in all, I strongly recommend Israel as a place to visit. From tech innovation to strong history, and an amazing nightlife, both Tel Aviv & Jerusalem is a trip to remember.

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