Everything You Wanted to Know About Jojoba Oil

Everything You Wanted to Know About Jojoba Oil

Let’s talk Jojoba.

One of our primary ingredients. 

Jojoba Oil  is derived from the seed of Simmondsia Chinensis, on a shrub-like plant. Contrary to the name of this ingredient, it is not actually an “oil” in its original form.  

Jojoba is a liquid plant wax; used in folk medicine traditions for years.

Jojoba Oil, ILERA Apothecary

This ingredient could be named the jack of all trades, for its multiple uses and healing properties.

Here are some of the practical uses:

  • Treats acne
  • Helps with Sunburn
  • Moisturizes chapped skin
  • Removes makeup safely
  • Prevents razor burn
  • Promotes skin health
  • Promotes hair health
  • Fights infection

Who wouldn’t want to use an ingredient like this in their products?

Health and wellness doesn’t need to be difficult, complicated or complex. You can find natural, raw ingredients that have incredible benefits for your skin and body. 

Here at ILERA Apothecary, we believe in full transparency. 

We want you to know what is being used in or on your body. 

You shouldn’t have to be scared of repercussions from the products you’re using twenty or thirty years from now. We guarantee your satisfaction and we believe your body will thank you. 




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