Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil



Nowadays, you see the word “coconut” on many labels for different products.  Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, coconut scented soaps and lotions, coconut oil… The list can go on for a while.  So no wonder it is in the market with its variety of uses.

Coconuts are versatile 

Coconut Milk has shown to be an alternative to dairy milk and Coconut Water has shown to rehydrate you quickly.  Health and skin care companies use coconut in their products as it offers great benefits.  Coconut oil is used in the kitchen and in the bathroom.  It works great as a hydrating moisturizer on your lips, face, and body.

Coconut Oil  is a healer 

If you tend to have dry hands or elbows from the cold, wintery months or your feet are hard from standing all day then coconut oil might be your solution.  It relieves dry and hardened skin to soft and smooth skin.  

As an advantage to moisturizing your skin, coconut oil will keep your wrinkles at bay.  

There is no reason not to give coconut oil a try - if you do not already use it!  Either way, give our all- natural RAW Coconut Oil a try.  Our oil can be massaged all over your body or added in a warm bath, producing the same skin softening effects.  

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