5 Ways to Multitask With Little Time

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Posted on July 08 2017

5 Ways to Multitask With Little Time

Written and Photographed by Jaclyn Lutza . 


A lot can be accomplished in 60 seconds if you find the time to do so.  Ever end the day wondering where all the time went and you did not accomplish everything you wanted to? Now with these simple multitasking moves, you will be able to end the day feeling accomplished and satisfied with your well-being.  

Performing squats 

While watching your food in the microwave heat up Other exercises can be walking lunges, wall push-ups, planks, or if feeling frisky burpees.

Standing on one leg while brushing your teeth

Standing on one leg will help improve your stability.  Do not forget to switch your legs!  If bored of that exercise, try performing squats, calf raises, or wall sits.

Call a friend while taking a walk 

You may only have time to say hello; however, at least you are making an effort towards your relationship.  You can also phone a friend next time you are at the gas station or waiting in a long line.

Eat lunch away from your desk and a computer screen 

I am sure your emails can wait 10 minutes for you to take a break and find time for yourself.  Taking a little break is very important for your well-being.  Maybe some of your co-workers will join you. Sit straight up during your morning commute.

Practicing to sit straight up will help your body posture  

Every chance you can, either driving, sitting at your desk, or eating a meal, try to practice your posture.  

Do not forget to take time for yourself every day before the sun goes down.  If you search for ways to multitask, you will find them in your everyday tasks.  Need more ideas or inspiration, do not hesitate to reach out to us!



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