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8 Week Mindfulness Series | Week 1 What is Mindfulness?

8 Week Mindfulness Series | Week 1 What is Mindfulness?

Why Meditate and Be Mindful? Part 1

Meditation will change your life in subtle ways, like ripples that alter the surface of water.

When beginning a journey of mindfulness and meditation, expect the unexpected and allow yourself to not expect anything at all… I know that sounds weird but you have to trust me on this.

Being mindful deepens the quality of concentration and compassion; two qualities that are already within us. In the rapid moving world we live in, we are bombarded with information; from text messages, social media alerts, meetings and even reading this journal, information is everywhere and it’s important we allow ourselves to disconnect.


The benefits will differ for everyone; who you are, what your life is like, what draws you to meditation and the quality of effort you put in will determine your outcome.

Meditation will gradually begin to create space in your life and mind, spaces you did not notice before. Your awareness of the present will increase and eventually your life will be centered around the now. You will stop worrying about what’s to come and leave what happened in the past, in the past.

Overtime, the small change of being present will transform your life to one that is stress free and at peace.

So What Exactly is Mindfulness?

Type “mindfulness” into a search bar, you’ll notice there is not one official definition. Instead, they all center around being fully aware of the present state; attending to what is happening, what you are doing and what is happening in the space around you.

Mindfulness is innate by nature, yet through practices like sitting, walking, standing, and moving, meditation has the ability to cultivate life changes.

When we are mindful we reduce stress, perform better, gain insight within ourselves and pay more attention to the people around us.

5 Reasons to Meditate and be Mindful

Understand your pain

Anxiety is noise that undermines our life objectives and stunts our mental growth. Meditation allows you to see what is causing it.

Lowers Stress

By understanding your stress, you can overcome it and stay healthy. The stress in our lives causes sickness to occur or get worse.

Connect Better

Give your full attention to those around you. Allow the people in your life to feel welcomed by your energy. Remember, energy is neither created or destroyed, it is only transferred.

Improve Focus

We are constantly being pulled in many directions. Meditating allows you to focus on what is important now.

Reduce Brain Clutter

Give your mind a break and reduce the noise in your everyday life, especially the one in your head.



5 Things Mindfulness is Not

Stopping Thoughts

Meditation is all about taking the time to become familiar with your thought process. It is not about ending your thoughts or trying to achieve some devine state of mind. It's about regaining control of the thoughts you allow to enter and occupy your mind.

Escaping Reality

Mindfulness is a journey from within. It allows you to be more realistic with your thoughts so that you know what is reality vs what you are creating in your head. Mindfulness takes you to the forefront of your perceptions and experiences, and allows you to see what is causing you pain or what keeps you motivated.

It's Selfish

Although meditation is your time alone within yourself, it is not selfish. Practicing mindfulness allows you to be present, listen better, be more attune to the people in your life and transfer any negative energy to positive experiences.

You Lose Your Edge

The practice of meditation is not about zoning out or having an out of body experience, it is about paying attention to your surroundings, thoughts and inner body. In turn, it allows you to be focused in your life.

It's Only for Laid Back People

Meditating is one of the best ways to give your mind a rest. It allows you to “recharge, regroup and reflect”. When your mind is rested you are able to be resilient and take on new challenges.

Whats Next

During next week’s series, we will go further into the benefits of meditation on your life. This week, take the time to notice what is causing stress and anxiety in your life. Write down those moments. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will revisit your notes and reflect how your mindset has changed.

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This is awesome! Mindfulness.

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