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Mindfulness Series Week 6 | Mindful Work Practices

Mindfulness Series Week 6 | Mindful Work Practices

Ease Through Workplace Stress

When you go to work do you encounter situations that make you feel elated or defeated? Appreciated or unappreciated? Valuable or invisible? Is your manager someone who encourages you, or are their words so hurtful you leave the organization?

Over 50% of employees are insulted at work, mainly by their managers (Scary!). Naturally, people strive to do their best in life so to be hurt by a person they take direction from can be mentally draining and disappointing. 

You have the power to change your company culture for the better. It begins with paying attention, being more mindful of our behaviors, and working to promote respect, clarity, and well-being. This can be done at all levels, intern to the senior executive.

ILERA Apothecary, 8 Week Mindfulness Series, Week 6 Mindful Work Practices

Detoxify Conflict

Your colleague may come to you upset that management put his project on hold. You saw how hard he worked on it and want to console him during this time of defeat. It’s easy to have a negative conversation however you should come in as a voice of clarity using these three simple steps.

Acknowledge how your colleague is feeling.

Say to him “Debare, you worked so hard on that proposal. It hurts to see it get sidelined like that.”

Offer constructive feedback.

“This is a great learning lesson for both of us. I think a debrief of the project will give some insight on what can be improved.”


“Let’s get together this afternoon and do a debrief together. Perhaps when looking at it from a fresh leans we can come up with fresh ideas.”

ILERA Apothecary, 8 Week Mindfulness Series, Week 6 Mindful Work Practices

5 Ways to Create a Balanced Workplace

Offer First.

    By training our mind with meditation and mindfulness, we automatically promote health and well being. In order to be treated better, we first must treat ourselves better. We cannot change our colleagues but we can show them how to treat us.

    Master the art of feedback.

    Regularly requesting feedback builds a sense of trust and openness in the office. It is important to know how to solicit, receive, and offer feedback.

    Live values of respect and trust.

    Foster an environment of trust and offer respect during times of difficulties. Trust is the most valuable currency in the workplace and it is earned by giving respect. Offering respect is invaluable.

    Say thank you.

    Explore what works. Does your email system work well? Are your restrooms clean? Is your cafe well stocked? Take time and acknowledge the people who make that happen simply by saying thank you.

    Welcome conflict.

    Work is messy. It is often chaotic and problematic, making us resistant and panicked. In these times, it is best to be curious about ways to solves these problems. The company trusted you to carry out the job, show your value.

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