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Recently, ILERA Apothecary was invited to pitch as finalists at the WeWork Creator Awards in Detroit. While we did not end up winning what we thought we went there for, we ended up with something even greater! A stronger network, an invitation to the WeWork community and a deeper understanding of why we’re actually in business.

As new business owners, one of the primary things that my sister and I promised ourselves was that no matter what happens, how long it takes us to grow or what our customer base looks like, we will continue to stay true to ourselves and our mission to educate our communities on the importance of natural skincare.

Whenever I speak about ILERA Apothecary, I speak about my family. As we embarked on this journey to start ILERA, we made it clear that we would maintain the familial aspect of our business. To be honest, if it weren’t for our youngest brother seeking a change in the products that he used, I’m not sure if we’d even be here.

Our line of products was created with our family in mind. Not just the ones that we speak to every day but the ones who believe in the same things we do, living conscious lifestyles. Before it was just my sister and me live on opposite coasts, now we’re both located in Detroit with a newly created team of 7, soon to be working in the Detroit WeWork office. 

As we continue to create conscious content and products, we’re excited to know that we have you all riding this wave with us!




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